Saturday, October 22, 2005

Beached Party

Beached Party:
Beached Party
by Ryan Lizza
Post date 10.21.05 | Issue date 10.31.05

That was fast. Last month, George W. Bush was the leader of the conservative movement. This month, he's a traitor. 'I don't think that Bush was ever one of us,' says Bruce Bartlett, the conservative columnist and former Reagan and Bush 41 official. 'And conservatives knew that. He was the anointed one. You can tell if someone is really part of your movement or not or whether he's someone from the outside. He's never said or written anything that would lead one to believe he has any clue what movement conservatism is all about. You were stuck with what you had, and I think conservatives made the best of it.'..."

Wow. Thanks to gnostinews for this. Gee, they really do eat their wounded.

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