Tuesday, October 09, 2007

By Their Own Standards, Bush Adm is ‘Treasonous’ for Leaking Bin Laden Tape

A private intelligence company is claiming that intel officials within the Bush admin jeopardized national security by leaking a classified bin Laden tape to Fox News. Ironically, Bush admin officials and conservative commentators harshly denounced the NYT in 2006 for running a story about a secret program designed to monitor terrorist finances.

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It's the "Who's Your Daddy" Nation

The American corporatist system has become antithetical to the concept of individual liberty. How many times do we have to go around on this queasy-making merry-go-round of propaganda and militarism before we shout - enough! - then shutdown the whole cut-rate carnival and run the scheming carnies who operate it out of town?

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Earth already past 'global warming tipping point,' new study

'We thought we'd be at that threshold within about a decade,'' said Australian of the Year and scientists Tim Flannery.''We thought we had that much time, but the new data indicates that in about mid-2005, we crossed that threshold.''

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82 women dead in first year of anti-abortion law in Nicaragua

For the Nicaraguan rich, a problematic pregnancy need not be a death sentence. You can fly to Miami or bribe a discreet private clinic in Managua. But in this wretchedly poor country most young women do not have money. Their choice is to go through with a pregnancy that may kill them, or attempt a DIY termination that may kill them.

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Al-Qaida Now Stronger Than Pre-9/11

How safe is the Bush administration keeping its citizenry? According to the AP, Al-Qaida is now STRONGER and more well-funded than it was before the September 11th attacks. So much for fighting them "over there" so we don't have to fight them "here".

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