Friday, June 24, 2011

A Bionic Dog Exists: This Dog Has Four Prosthetic Legs


Poor frost-bit puppy gets new legs. Woot! I mean, woof!

Bernie Sanders Vs. Rand Paul With A Little Franken On The Side

"Steve Benen:

Understanding this just requires a little bit of thought. If we cut spending on volcano monitoring and tsunami warnings, we save a little money on maintenance, but pay a lot of money on damage repairs after disaster strikes. If we cut spending on food safety, we save a little money on inspection, but pay a lot of money on health care costs when consumers get sick. If we cut spending for the Securities and Exchange Commission, as Republicans are desperate to do, we save a little money on enforcement, but pay a lot of money to clean up financial catastrophes.

For every dollar the IRS spends on audits, liens, and property seizures, the government brings in more than $10. If we spend less on IRS enforcement, as Republicans demand, it costs us more.

Is this really that confusing? "

Unfortunately, the Randians don't really want the government to save money or the poor and infirm to get charity. They just want to have theirs and let others go screw or die.

Monday, June 20, 2011

Justices Have Been Forced To Resign For Doing What Clarence Thomas Has Done


"Thomas’ disregard for what has come before him changes nothing about the precedent he faces. If Abe Fortas had to resign his seat, so too should Clarence Thomas." Oh, if this would only matter a damn bit to Clarence. He's sailed through many a scandal and still sits on the highest court in the land. He is an albatross, but who cares? He's still there making a conservative majority for the corporate interests that put him there.


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