Saturday, September 17, 2005

Body and Soul: We who believe in freedom cannot rest until it comes

Body and Soul: We who believe in freedom cannot rest until it comes

Right now, I think the polls are reflecting the fact that even a lot of Americans who think they can take care of themselves in most circumstances have become cognizant of their vulnerability in the reign of hacks. I don't have a lot of faith in their capacity to hold on to that insight, however. And if anything shakes them from their current awareness, frankly, I'm afraid it will be racism. If we don't confront the way the myths of savage and irresponsible poor, and mostly black, people are shaping this story, that's going to become the story. And a year from now, you can try all you want to tell "independents and moderates" that the Republicans made them less safe, but all they'll remember is that responsible and industrious people got out. And they will be sure that, in a catastrophe, they would be among the virtuous and hard-working few who escape.

A lie, certainly. A dangerous and self-deluding lie. One no one could support except on a crutch of racism.

If you don't strike directly at the racism, you're helping to fashion the crutch.

I couldn't agree more. Where are the MLK's and JFK's when we need them? Probably in jail or dead-end jobs somewhere, having had their careers stifled by some damaging past offense in this politically incorrect era. Though I can't help thinking, if a former coke addicted deserter can become president of the US, why can't somebody with a heart and soul? Or is it just that somebody with a heart and soul can't get enough money together to make a run?

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Leo said...

Unfortunately, I think the latters true: no one with a heart and soul has the money to mount a serious campaign. I like your blog. I think your insight into what the polls are reflecting was a great, and accurate one. Keep blogging!


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