Tuesday, September 27, 2005

So What Does FEMA Do?

So, what does FEMA do? According to their own mission and organization statement, their goals include:

  • GOAL 1. Reduce loss of life and property.
  • GOAL 2. Minimize suffering and disruption caused by disasters.
  • GOAL 3. Prepare the Nation to address the consequences of terrorism.
  • GOAL 4. Serve as the Nation’s portal for emergency management information and expertise.

Some of the activities involved are:

FEMA’s appropriation of approximately $844 million for
Emergency Management Planning and Assistance provides
resources for the following activities:
Developing and maintaining an integrated operational
capability to respond to and recover from the consequences of
a disaster. This is accomplished through partnerships with
other federal agencies, state and local governments, volunteer
organizations, and the private sector.

Coordinating, integrating, and implementing preparedness,
technical assistance, assessment, and exercise programs to
effectively develop, build, and maintain a knowledgeable, professional,
and prepared emergency management capability
that is capable of saving lives, responding to and recovering
from terrorist incidents and other threats, and mitigating the
economic impact of disasters.

Developing, coordinating, and implementing policies,
plans, and programs to mitigate the long-term risk to life and
property from hazards such as floods, earthquakes, hurricanes,
and dam failures.

So it would seem that they indeed do some of the things that Mr. Brown swears they do not. Guess he should have read the memo.

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