Friday, January 27, 2006

After Subpoenas, Internet Searches Give Some Pause - New York Times

After Subpoenas, Internet Searches Give Some Pause - New York Times:
Until last year, Mr. Kowats worked at the Discovery Channel, and a few years ago, in the course of putting together a documentary on circumcision, he and his colleagues were doing much of the research online. 'When you're researching something like that and you look up the word 'circumcision,' you're going to end up with all kinds of pictures of naked children,' he said. 'And that can be misconstrued.'

'There're so many things you can accidentally fall into when you're surfing on the Internet,' he said. 'I mean, you can type in almost anything and you're going to end up with something you didn't expect.'

Privacy is an elusive concept, and when it comes to what is considered acceptable, people tend to draw the line at different points on the privacy spectrum.
For this administration, what's private is what you get from and do for anybody with enough money. What you do in your own home -- not private. Have fun, America. Time is short.

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Melly said...

Gerry, I'm Canadian but we just elected a right wing gov't and PM so this worries me. I follow the news about the tapping etc. with great interest and concern.


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