Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Get Fooled Again?

My Way News:
WASHINGTON (AP) - Rep. Roy Blunt and the man he wants to succeed as House majority leader, Tom DeLay, shared similar connections to convicted lobbyist Jack Abramoff and to corporate lobbyists.

Blunt, R-Mo., wrote at least three letters helpful to Abramoff clients while collecting money from them. He swapped donations between his and DeLay's political groups, ultimately enriching the Missouri political campaign of his son Matt.

And Blunt's wife and another son, Andrew, lobby for many of the same companies that donate to the lawmaker's political efforts.
Here's another one, just like the other one. It would appear the Republicans are going to have to go deep on the bench to find someone "clean" enough to avoid the ethics patrol (if not prison). It took them, what, four tries to find a "pure" enough sub for Gingrich? Then, they couldn't find anyone who hadn't had an affair (darn adulterers) while they were roasting Clinton for the same. Now, I think, it will be even harder to find someone who isn't on the take, since that is the traditional Republican vice. Good luck!

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