Thursday, March 23, 2006

Another Senator Evolves To Vertebrate

Reid: Bush 'Dangerously Incompetent' - CBS News:
(AP) Senate Democratic leader Harry Reid called President Bush 'dangerously incompetent' on Wednesday and said the administration ought to be doing more to prevent increasing sectarian violence in Iraq.

'Where is (Secretary of State) Condoleezza Rice? Why isn't she over in the Middle East, as the chief diplomat of this country should be, trying to get the political forces to form a government over there?' Reid told The Associated Press.

Rice is currently in the Bahamas to meet with 14 foreign ministers and the secretary-general of the Caribbean Community and Common Market, a regional trade bloc known as Caricom.
Now if we could just get Pelosi in The House to rise above the level of jellyfish, we might have a chance of regaining Congress. Time to fish or cut bait, people! Show us your backbone and stand up to the Repuglican machine or get lost and let somebody who will take over.

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