Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Mubarak says warns US against hitting Iran - Yahoo! News

Mubarak says warns US against hitting Iran - Yahoo! News:
"Mubarak, speaking on his way back from the Gulf on Monday, said he discussed the consequences of a U.S. attack on Iran with U.S. Vice President
Dick Cheney, who visited Egypt in January.

'I said to him word for word: 'Listen to my advice for once.',' Mubarak said, speaking the phrase in English. The remark was published in the state-owned daily al-Gomhuria.

Mubarak warned against the U.S.-led invasion of
Iraq in 2003.

'If an air strike (against Iran) took place, Iraq will turn into terrorist groups more than it is already ... The Gulf area has Shi'ite majorities in many of the states and America is linked to vital interests in this area and has naval facilities,' Mubarak said.

'Iran spends generously on the Shi'a in every country and these people are prepared to do anything if Iran is hit.'
In other words, if we think it's bad in Iraq now, just try something wiht Iran and see what happens? He's probably right, but I doubt the Bushies are listening.

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