Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Iraq PM: Quitting 'Out of the Question'

My Way News - Iraq PM: Quitting 'Out of the Question':
Efforts to form a national unity government in Iraq have been stalled for months. Sunnis and Kurds oppose al-Jaafari, blaming him for the rise in sectarian tensions across Iraq and for a high-handed leadership style since he assumed office last year.

But al-Jaafari repeatedly has said he was nominated democratically and it's up to parliament to decide whether to approve him. He insisted Wednesday that he still enjoys the support of the Shiite alliance, the dominant bloc in parliament, despite a few public calls from within for him to step aside.
Darn that democracy thing! The majority of the Iraqis (who happen to be Shi'a) want this guy as their Prime Minister. The rest, uh, don't. Gee, I wonder what BushCo would do? I bet next time they make them vote on electronic voting machines so this won't happen again. Or, they could send Katherine Harris over there to help these poor people in the Iraqi minority get what they want justice, the way she did in Florida. It would be a real lesson in civics for the Iraqis, one I'm surprised they didn't learn under Saddam or the Shah.

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