Tuesday, May 30, 2006

A Checkpoint In Need Of Checking

Journalist Wounded in Iraq Arrives in Germany - New York Times:
"The three members of the CBS team had stepped out of their armored Humvee to accompany troops inspecting a checkpoint manned by the Iraqi Army, a report on the CBS News Web site said today. They were wearing protective glasses, flak vests, and helmets when the bomb went off, killing the two CBS journalists at the scene as well as an American soldier and an Iraqi interpreter."

Since the Iraqi Army happens to be severely compromised by insurgents and militias, what sense does it make having them "man" checkpoints? The fantasy idea that Iraqi forces will ever be dependable for security is patently absurd regrettably flawed, to say the least. Yet BushCo keeps pushing the dogma. The whole thing's a trainwreck.

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