Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Second Typhoon in China Prompts Evacuation - New York Times

Second Typhoon in China Prompts Evacuation - New York Times:
BEIJING, Wednesday, July 26 — Typhoon Kaemi came ashore on the southern China coast on Tuesday afternoon, prompting the evacuation of more than 643,000 people in a region still recovering from an earlier storm that caused major flooding and has left 612 people dead so far.
Sounds vaguely familiar. And is this unusual for this time of year?
Summer is traditionally typhoon season in southern China, but meteorologists say the storms have arrived earlier this year. Kaemi had swept across the Philippines before hitting Taiwan on Monday night. The storm caused major disruptions on Taiwan but limited property damage and only four injuries, state media reported.It's just going to get worse as the world warms up faster and faster. Sure makes that there Kyoto thing sound ever more important. Too bad BushCo never met an environment it liked better than it's own profits. That comes from expecting God to save their asses in the end. Fat chance! Fat asses, too.

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