Saturday, July 15, 2006

Vacation: All I Ever Wanted

I haven't been consistent lately, my apologies to my reader(s). Janet and I are "down" in Maine for the week and more to attend a wedding and just enjoy the environs here. I love Maine; the people, the scenery, the attitude. It's beautiful and solid and everything New England should be. We're with close friends who are celebrating the union (I have a hard time saying "marriage" these days with all the fundamentalist overtones the word has taken on; I think we should all apply for unions, civil or otherwise, and forget the word "marriage" forever. I've always liked the words "union," "unity," and "united" anyway) of two young and wonderful people who in this case happen to be man and woman. That shouldn't be a requirement for loving relationship, so I count it as coincidental. Two souls unite, that should be enough.

So I'm on vacation for the first time in four years, and my entries are going to be spottier than usual. Maybe I should have thought to ask someone to be a guest blogger, but then who would be around to read it? Just kidding, I hope.

I also hope everyone I know and don't know are having as nice a summer as possible. The world is going to hell in a bucket, especially evident lately with Israel at war with Lebanon (though it ought to be Hezbollah), and the U. S. at war with Iraq (though it ought to be with fundamentalism), etc. I'm reading a great treatise called The End Of Faith by Sam Harris that I'm sure I'll be writing more about.

Be well. Later....

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