Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Terrorism Grows In The World

India Fears Terrorism May Attract Its Muslims - New York Times:
NEW DELHI, Aug. 8 — The bomb attacks last month on seven Mumbai commuter trains did more than raise Indian hackles against Pakistan for failing to rein in terrorist groups operating on its soil.

They also underscored a gathering threat for India: a small but increasingly deadly cadre of young and often educated Indian Muslims who are being drawn directly into terrorist operations.

The scale and coordination of the July 11 attacks, a senior Indian government official said, suggest that at least one terrorist cell, made up of fewer than a dozen local people and probably directed and financed by militants based in Pakistan, carried out the bombings, which killed 183 people.
Gee, isn't Pakistan our "ally" against terror? They seem to play the game like Saudi Arabia, another "ally." Must be some of those repressive governments that just love us to death.

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