Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Getting Better All The Time

ABC News: New Flares for GOP in 2006 Election Views:
Aug. 7, 2006 — There are new warning flares for Republicans in the latest ABC News/Washington Post poll: Fifty-three percent of Americans call themselves 'anti-incumbent,' and the fewest since 1994 approve of their own representative's performance in Washington.

Anti-incumbency is as high now as it was in the summer of 1994, before the last election in which control of Congress changed hands. And it peaks not just among Democrats and liberals but among traditional swing voters as well. Sixty-one percent of Independents, for example, say they're anti-incumbent this year.

The danger for Republicans is underscored by their deficit in voter preference. Fifty-two percent of registered voters say if the election were held today they'd support the Democrat in their congressional district, 39 percent the Republican — a number that has held steady for nine months running. Among anti-incumbent voters, nearly two-thirds support Democrats for the House.
When you factor in the bias toward the right and big business that has lately infected the general media, especially the mouse, this is fantastic news!

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