Monday, October 02, 2006

Quick! Put This Guy In Jail!

My Way News - Judge May Have Stymied Abramoff Probe:
WASHINGTON (AP) - The bribery investigation involving influence-peddler Jack Abramoff may have been stymied by a federal judge in Florida just as prosecutors began asking questions about the lobbyist's ties to the White House.

U.S. District Judge Paul Huck refused to delay Abramoff's prison sentence for fraud charges Thursday, rejecting a plea by the Justice Department's top corruption prosecutor, who said Abramoff was providing information about officials whose names hadn't yet surfaced in the case.

In the past month, the FBI has been pursuing leads about Abramoff's access to the White House and whether he was able to help lawmakers get Bush administration backing for their bills, according to someone familiar with the direction of the investigation who spoke on condition of anonymity because of its secrecy.
The temperature in the White House must have been getting too high for Karl and friends. When was the last time a Federal judge refused to cooperate with the FBI? Hmmmmm.

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