Tuesday, February 06, 2007

The Difference

Democrats Liberals:: Budgets Demonstrate Party Differences

In essence, Bush thinks escalating the Iraq War and distributing tax cuts to the rich is better for the United States than maintaining the health of America's citizens.

Democrats attacked this budget immediately. We need to reduce money for the Iraq War so we can DE-escalate military operations. And we need to tap into the $1.6 trillion tax-cut bonanza to provide decent healthcare to all citizens. This is what Edwards recently recommended. Other Democratic contenders will soon recommend other ways to bring the number of people without health insurance down to zero.

Bush's budget demonstrates the stark contrast. Republicans favor the rich. Democrats prefer to help the non-rich.
Amazing, isn't it? For the wingnuts, everything for the rich is good, anything for the poor is bad. And don't be thinking they care a thing about the middle class. As far as they're concerned, there shouldn't be a middle class; just the rich and the rest.

Democrats should stop fretting about their image and take the Republicans to the cleaners. Repeal Bush's gifts to the people who don't need them and give back the loot he robbed to the people who do. It's our money, not his.

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