Thursday, March 08, 2007

"The Gonzales Eight" Is Now The Official Name For Purgegate

The Gonzales Eight - New York Times:
"Congress must keep demanding answers. It must find out who decided to fire these prosecutors and why, and who may have authorized putting pressure on Mr. Cummins. And it must look into whether Senator Domenici and Representatives Wilson and Hastings violated ethics rules that forbid this sort of interference. We hope the House committee will not be deterred by the fact that Mr. Hastings is its ranking Republican. The Justice Department also needs to open its own investigation. Attorney General Alberto Gonzales’s claim that these prosecutors were fired for poor performance was always difficult to believe. Now it’s impossible."

There was a big debate over this at The Monthly. Looks like one of the suggestions held, although I think they were calling it The Gonzalez Seven, forgetting that one other judge was fired in the same month, though not on the same day and not necessarily for the same reason, though definitely still for political reasons. So this is it, folks, the one scandal that has the best chance to be the straw that broke this administration's collective backs. Let's hope so!

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