Friday, March 16, 2007

Who's Defrauding Whom?

Phony Fraud Charges - New York Times:
In its fumbling attempts to explain the purge of United States attorneys, the Bush administration has argued that the fired prosecutors were not aggressive enough about addressing voter fraud. It is a phony argument; there is no evidence that any of them ignored real instances of voter fraud. But more than that, it is a window on what may be a major reason for some of the firings.

In partisan Republican circles, the pursuit of voter fraud is code for suppressing the votes of minorities and poor people. By resisting pressure to crack down on “fraud,” the fired United States attorneys actually appear to have been standing up for the integrity of the election system.
The Republicans only want to win, even if it means tearing down the walls of justice and defrauding the American people. Like I said, they should be run out of town on rails, repatriated with cattle prods until they see the light of democratic freedom in the Constitution and know it by heart, taxed one-half of their total worth, which monies to be used to eliminate poverty and fix inner-city schools, and then and only then allowed back into the fold or civilization. Until then they should be seen as terrorists and thieves and treated as such.

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