Tuesday, June 26, 2007

More Bad News For All

Bits of News - Iraq War Going Once. Twice. Sold! To the Democrats!:
"Other than New Mexico Governor Bill Richardson, every other declared Democratic candidate for the presidential primary have been careful to not nail their flag to the mast of complete withdrawal from Iraq, or ruling out a wider conflict with neighbouring Iran. The original proponents of the war from the disparate coalition making up the modern Republican Party might have had different motives for advocating the invasion. There is of course the much talked about neoconservatives, whose motives ranged from misguided idealism, again of a sort, to making the Middle East safe for Israel. There was the religious right, who had their own reasons for wanting a show down between good and evil in Biblical lands. And there's the Cheney wing, guided by avarice, mainly for the oil resources under the sands of Araby."

The author does not see the war ending any time soon, even with a Democratic president in office. There are too many of the "powers that be" in it for the long haul. They just don't (or won't) see a future without oil and therefore a future without U.S. involvement in the Middle East.

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