Tuesday, February 07, 2012

Birtherism Makes A Comeback Among Republicans

Birtherism Makes A Comeback Among Republicans:

A new poll from YouGov’s Adam Berinsky shows that the number of people who believe President Obama was born in the United States has dipped to levels below even the weeks leading up to President Obama’s release of his birth certificate last April. The movement appears attributable to Republicans, 37 percent of whom now say that President Obama was not born in the US. That’s 12 points higher than when Republicans were polled just before President Obama released the certificate.

So, what is it with these people? Besides the obvious attempts to disenfranchise and denigrate the leader of the free world, how do they get away with this hogshit? The media is just not doing its job, and that's all I can bring myself to say about this absurdity that should have been laid to rest before it even started. At least the climate change deniers have some wiggle room in the sense that science has been wrong about things on occasion (though the evidence of climate change keeps building beyond any reasonable doubt), but this? Proof is proof and facts are facts, though this apparently has no bearing on the subject when it comes to the birthers. Shameful, since it is only a thin veil over the racism and hatred that drives it.

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