Tuesday, December 27, 2005

DeLay Appeals To Cronies

My Way News:
AUSTIN, Texas (AP) - In a last-ditch effort to secure a speedy trial, former House Majority Leader Tom DeLay's attorneys asked Friday for the state's highest criminal court to dismiss charges against him or order a lower court to try him immediately.

The money laundering and conspiracy case against the Republican congressman has been on hold while prosecutors appeal a judge's dismissal of some of the charges.

DeLay attorney Dick DeGuerin took the case to the all-GOP Texas Court of Criminal Appeals a day after a lower appeals court denied his request that the case be sent back to the trial court or expedited through the appeals process.
Where else can a money-laundering sycophant go for help these day?

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Bob said...

You people seem to be so mad at DeLay. Probably because for the first time in many years he led an effort to have the Texas Congressional districts divided to more accurately represent the voters of the state. The Democrats, in the minority of voters, still had long controlled this process, and had made no effort to appropriately represent the people as they should have. Too bad that DeLay did not come along sooner.


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