Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Abramoff pleads guilty in corruption case - Politics - MSNBC.com

Abramoff pleads guilty in corruption case - Politics - MSNBC.com:
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Updated: 1:35 p.m. ET Jan. 3, 2006

WASHINGTON - Lobbyist Jack Abramoff pleaded guilty Tuesday to federal charges of conspiracy, tax evasion and mail fraud, clearing the way for him to cooperate in a massive government investigation of influence peddling involving members of Congress.

He faces 30 years in prison if convicted of the charges.

Court papers detailed lavish gifts and contributions that it said Abramoff gave an unnamed House member, identified elsewhere as Rep. Bob Ney, R-Ohio, chairman of the House Administration Committee, in return for Ney’s agreement to use his office to aid Abramoff clients.
It's the end of the beginning of the end for a whole bunch of Capital Hill denizens. Abramoff has dirt on just about everybody from K-Street to the Oval Office. Protect him well, prosecutors! He's gold of a different sort now.

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