Friday, January 06, 2006

Majikthise : Lauriski is the Brownie of Sago

Majikthise : Lauriski is the Brownie of Sago:

When accused of blaming Bush, sigh and re-explain, as to a very stupid child.

No, honey, when I say that Bush is probably responsible for the Sago mine disaster, I don't mean that he personally dynamited the mine. No, silly, "responsible" doesn't necessarily mean "solely, responsible with malice aforethought."

You see, Bush appoints cronies to run federal agencies. You know, like Mike Brown at FEMA. Bush crony appointee David Lauriski, a former coal mining lobbyist, upped thresholds for coal dust in mines, something the Clinton administration had flatly refused to do, despite pressure from the industry.

It turns out that accumulated coal dust is the most likely cause of the Sago disaster, as occupational safety expert Jordan Barab explains. We also know that Bush has been waging a funding war against OSHA and the MSHA for years. The Sago mine accumulated dozens of citations for excessive dust accumulation and other safety violations over the past year. How is it possible that an employer can commit dozens of documented crimes and continue doing business as usual? Sounds like the consequences of infractions aren't a significant deterrent.

No, dear, I'm not saying that every bad thing that happens during Bush's presidency is his fault. I'm saying that he's doing a terrible job of directing the federal agencies that are supposed to protect us. He's breaking the government and people are dying.
I hope she forgives me, but this post was just too good not to re-post. You're my hero, Lindsay!

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