Thursday, June 15, 2006

Ideal World? What's That?

Wrenching Changes on the Line - New York Times:
"In an ideal world, America would join the overwhelming majority of developed countries and hammer out some kind of national health care system. Failing such a sudden and unlikely onset of sanity, creative solutions are needed. Sen. Barack Obama has proposed striking a bargain with American automakers to help them with retiree health care costs in exchange for higher fuel efficiency standards. While we have some questions about how to make such a system work, it is at least a worthy new idea — one of a very few in a field desperately in need of them."

Or did this editor mean Idea World? Ideal worlds never exist. Idea worlds, on the other hand, can spring to life at any time. It just takes some clear thinkers with the courage to challenge the status quo and stand up to the demagogues. We need more Obamas in congress, and a lot fewer Leibermans and Frists; unless Delay comes back, then we need a whole lot less Delays.

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