Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Rove Indicted, But Cooperating?

Rove Won't Face Indictment in C.I.A. Leak Case - New York Times:
Truthout.org said today in a posting that it still believed its initial report — that there was a sealed indictment against Mr. Rove — was accurate, but that he was cooperating with the prosecution.

Elsewhere, liberal blogs were filled with disappointment, disbelief and anger — and occasional postings from conservatives seeking apologies — after the news broke today.

In a statement, a lawyer for the Wilsons, Christopher Wolf, indicated that the couple was considering taking civil action against Mr. Rove.

'The day still may come when Mr. Rove and others are called to account in a court of law for their attacks on the Wilsons,' Mr. Wolf said. Mr. Wilson said in 2003 that he wanted to see Mr. Rove 'frog-marched' out of the White House.
For TruthOut's response and further info, go here and here. Not sure what's going on under the "covers" but it sure feels like business-as-usual for Rover.

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