Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Kids Learn Better In Public Schools

Study of Test Scores Finds Charter Schools Lagging - New York Times:
"WASHINGTON, Aug. 22 — Fourth graders in traditional public schools did significantly better in reading and math than comparable children attending charter schools, according to a report released on Tuesday by the Federal Education Department."

I don't have children, so this is more of a separation of church and state issue for me. Since the charter schools don't necessarily (or just don't) give better educational experiences, I can't even imagine a reason for using public funding to support them, let alone the First Amendment issue of separation. Here in New York, Governor Pataki and the Republican senate keep increasing funding to school "vouchers" over the protests of the Democratic house. If parents are using those vouchers to send their kids to charter schools, as most analysts say they are, they are ill-advised to do so. In any case, it should not be allowed under the Constitution. I don't know if anyone has challenged the voucher program here yet. Does anyone else know?

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