Friday, August 25, 2006

NYT Agrees Again

Wanted: Scarier Intelligence - New York Times:
"All in all, this is a chilling reminder of what happened when intelligence analysts told Vice President Dick Cheney they could not prove that Iraq was building a nuclear weapon or had ties with Al Qaeda. He kept asking if they really meant it — until the C.I.A. took the hint."

Actually, anybody with half a brain can see that the Repuglicans are at it again, trying to increase the fear quotient so people will be frightened into voting the status quo instead of trying something new that could actually be tremendously better for everybody this November. I hope that America has come to its collective senses when it comes to political ploys like this and are sick and tired enough of it all to vote for a change this fall. If not, we may never get the chance to live freely and without fear again; not because of anything Al Qaeda or Iran or anyone else outside our borders can do, but because we voted away our rights and freedoms based on fear and farce propagated from within.

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