Saturday, February 17, 2007

Lindsay Beyerstein Has The Story On Marcotte and McEwan

In the end, Amanda and Shakes were hounded out of their jobs by a right wing mob baying for blood. The Edwards campaign agreed to keep them on, but there was nothing they could do.

Bill Donohue had already decided to take down two young feminists and the right wing blogosphere was only too happy to help him do it. The fact that Donohue kept up his campaign against McEwan after Amanda left shows how venal and frivolous Donohue is. Melissa was guilty by association simply for being young feminist blogger who was hired at the same time as Amanda. I'm sure we all look alike to Donohue.

The elite media seemed almost smug at the downfall of bloggers. The general sentiment seemed to be that Amanda, Shakes, and the Edwards camp were just asking for it.

Majikthise : Why Amanda Marcotte quit the Edwards campaign: In her own words

I'm just very sad and angry over the whole episode. These bloggers didn't deserve what happened to them. Donohue is a bigot, and he learned from Karl Rove that the best way to defeat your opponent is to accuse them of having your own faults. Do it loud and often enough and some number of idiots are bound to believe it.

This is how the wingnuts win, they wear us down with their lies and platitudes. It doesn't make sense and that's exactly the way they want it. They no how much illogical ramblings frustrate us and throw us into despair of ever convincing them of anything that is true and rational. And we can't change their minds. As Claire Graves always reminded us, you can't tell an (Egomaniacal Reactionary) anything; they have to learn by ramming their heads into the wall of their own delusion. He thought people would learn after seeing Nixon go down in flames, but Congress and Ford wouldn't let the scene play itself out. He pardoned Nixon so the nation could "move forward," thereby depriving the public of it's spectacle of extreme political punishment in response to high crimes and misdemeanors.

Because of this misguided softening of the socialogical blow that should have occurred, the extreme right learned only that they should not get caught or if caught should not be punished and they went about the task of corrupting the entire country. They didn't get the chance to see that their dogma led to disaster, and now they are bringing the whole world down with them.

Congress continues to make the same mistake in response to BushCo's high crimes and misdemeanors today. Bush and Company deserve impeachment and imprisonment for their crimes against humanity and the planet. If people don't see them properly punished, they will just take away the lesson that nothing matters but winning, nothing counts but money, nothing wins but power.

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