Monday, February 12, 2007

When PR Rules The World

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Think about the story here: the president’s chief speechwriter in 2002 fully acknowledged that he and the Secretary of State created the “axis of evil” line as a purely rhetorical exercise. Merit, diplomacy, and common sense were irrelevant.

The State of the Union could have just mentioned Iraq, but that would have made it appear that the administration was focused on an invasion (which, of course, it was). Instead, Gerson and Rice added Iran for purely rhetorical purposes, which in turn, led to a deteriorating relationship.

And all of this was acceptable to the president, of course, because “axis of evil” was reminiscent of “evil empire.” As if that was a good reason to antagonize Iran and utterly destroy promising diplomatic negotiations.
Both Bush and Cheney have refused to negotiate with other nations that have attempted to open themselves to outside scrutiny and even offer to help us in the war on terror. Isn't this a form of treason in and of itself?! They have diminished our chances for victory!

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