Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Obama's Star Is Rising

Blacks Shift To Obama, Poll Finds -

The opening stages of the campaign for the 2008 Democratic presidential nomination have produced a noticeable shift in sentiment among African American voters, who little more than a month ago heavily supported Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton but now favor the candidacy of Sen. Barack Obama.

Clinton, of New York, continues to lead Obama and other rivals in the Democratic contest, according to the latest Washington Post-ABC News poll. But her once-sizable margin over the freshman senator from Illinois was sliced in half during the past month largely because of Obama's growing support among black voters.

This makes perfect sense. Obama is representative of the people, and it's only appropriate that the blacks warm to him as this becomes better known amongst the rank and file. Barak is a lot easier to like than Hillary, and his message is more grounded in what the people want. If Hillary wants to stay in the lead, she's going to have to speak from the heart and show consistency, two things she has had some problems with for a long time.

Right now, I favor an Obama/Edwards ticket. That would be my dream team. Keep it up, guys! Keep it up!

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