Sunday, March 25, 2007

Purgegate Is Just The Tip Of The Iceberg

While the brewing showdown between Congress and the Bush administration over the dismissed prosecutors is the high-profile clash, it is just one area where the Democrats, with some Republican help, have put Justice Department operations under a microscope.

In the past few days alone, Democrats have challenged Attorney General Alberto R. Gonzales, and by extension the White House, not only on the firings and the national security letters, but also on the agency’s record of civil rights enforcement, the accusation of political interference in tobacco litigation and redistricting cases, the status of pending corruption cases, and Mr. Gonzales’s role in halting an in-house inquiry into the domestic surveillance program.

Congress Expands Scope of Inquiries Into Justice Department Practices and Politics - New York Times

And we thought the "swamp" that Nancy Pelosi was talking about was Congress. The Justice Department is starting to make Congress look more like the cesspool of national politics in comparison to itself. No wonder nothing much has come from the Abramoff and other scandals. The Justice Department is being run by "loyal Bushies," and not by responsible, ethical, impartial law enforcement personel. Frak!

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