Thursday, April 12, 2007

Another Downside To Globalization

Some Suspect Chemical Mix in Pet Food - New York Times:
Most experts on wheat gluten in the region said they had never heard of mixing it and melamine.

“If you add chemicals into the wheat gluten, it is no longer called wheat gluten protein,” says Jiang Shaotong, a professor of food engineering at Hefei University of Technology in nearby Anhui Province. “I can’t think of any reason why melamine is needed in the production process.”

Chinese customs officials do inspect or sample products planned for export, but those inspections are not thought to be stringent enough to detect the presence of every chemical or impurity.

Asked about the investigation, a Chinese official working for the inspection and quarantine bureau declined to comment.

But lax food-safety regulation and standards are a problem; food producers sometimes dye meats to make them look fresher and even sell fake milk powder for babies.
As a pet owner, I find this not only disturbing but infuriating, because I know that this administration will pay only lip service to improving screening of foreign food stuffs and then go right back to letting the same kind of thing happen. They can't even stop contaminants within the domestic food supply, having politicized the FDA and pulled the teeth from the EPA.

They suck! Impeach them now!

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