Thursday, September 15, 2011

Bioethicist Bets Bachmann $10,000 She Can’t Find Anyone Who Became ‘Retarded’ From HPV Vaccine


When I first heard her say that some mother had approached her after a debate and said that her child had become "mentally retarded" after receiving the vaccine, my first thought was that the "reporter" doing the interview should have asked for the name of the woman (you hear me, Matt?!) since one would think that this was a big story if true (and almost as big if not). Since the talking heads on most of the TV "news" shows don't know how to ask questions they aren't given in writing ahead of time, this wasn't going to happen. So I'm very glad that some socially conscious scientists are taking up the slack some here. Of course, the damage has already been done and Bachmann won't be challenged on this any time soon. Too bad she won't be in the running much longer, either. She was one of the most entertaining of the GOP candidates.

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