Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Morning Smoke: Hiring Private Contractors Wastes Billions, Study Finds

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Sep 13, 2011

Morning Smoke: Hiring Private Contractors Wastes Billions, Study Finds



Where there's smoke, there's fire. POGO's Morning Smoke is a collection of the freshest investigations, scoops, and opinions related to the world of government oversight. Have a story you'd like to see included? Contact POGO's blog editor.

Contract Oversight

Use of Private Contractors Doesn't Save Government Money, Study Finds
Ron Nixon, The New York Times

Nuclear Issues

NRC Staff: Reassess Earthquake Risk at Nuke Plants
Matthew Daly, Associated Press

Missing: Tons of US-Supplied Nuclear Weapons Material
Adam Weinstein, Mother Jones

Nuclear Miscalculation: Why Regulators Miss Power Plant Threats from Quakes and Storms
Susan Q. Stanahan, iWatch News

Revolving Door

Study Shows Revolving Door of Employment Between Congress, Lobbying Firms
T.W. Farnam, The Washington Post

National Security

Militants Attack U.S. Embassy in Kabul
Alissa J. Rubin and Jack Healy, The New York Times

House Armed Services Committee to Lead Crusade Against Defense Cuts
National Defense Magazine

Defense Spending Must Have Credit Limits
Walter Pincus, The Washington Post

DHS Insider Hacking Case Reveals Serious Network Security Vulnerabilities

Predator Drones Go to Work on Domestic Front
Brian Bennett, Los Angeles Times

Open Government

Majority of 9/11 Commission Records, Including Bush and Cheney Interview Transcript, Remain 'Indefinitely' Sealed
Public Intelligence

Whistleblower Issues

MSPB Won't Reconsider Air Marshal Whistleblower's Firing
Stephen Losey, Federal Times 

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