Monday, August 08, 2005

Janet and I have finally moved our telecommunication capabilities into the current millennia; i.e., we now have cell phones. Learning the vagueries of "pix messaging" and voice mail will probably take the foreseeable future (and they make it seem so easy in the commercials).

Choosing a cell phone service and package was no big deal. It turns out there is only one service that can reliably present a signal at our rather rural home (Verizon). Luckily, they had a competitive family package deal, so it wasn't difficult to accept. They just don't seem as "sexy" as the other carriers, probably because they don't have Catherine Zeta Jones as their spokesperson (Can you hear me now?). Oh well. We're dropping our landline service, which also happened to be with Verizon. It was costing us twice as much as the cell phones will. Never thought I'd see the day....

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