Monday, August 29, 2005

Tonight, I go to one of the local medical centers for a "sleep study." Other people will study me while I sleep to see if anything can be done to improve my sleeping. This means I have to go to sleep with numerous sensors attached to my head and body, including my face. I'm assuming this also means I can't just turn over or get up to go to the bathroom willy-nilly. Such fun!

The reason I'm going to this is that I've complained long and loud to my primary care physician about being sleepy all the time. I've been assuming it's a "change of life" thing, the male equivalent of menopause. My doctor thinks it's poor sleep patterns or sleep apnea. We could both be right, but to go any further with the doctor, I have to go through this study.

What are the odds I'll be even more sleepy tomorrow?

As for Cosmo, he has something wrong with his neck. That's why he was limping. The vet put him on pregnozone, but this has some very undesirable side effects. Luckily, he says we can cut back on this and watch for signs of any recurrence. It looks like Cosmo is destined to see a chiropractor.

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