Friday, September 23, 2005

The Other Side Of The Pond

BBC NEWS | UK | UK Politics | Ex-Blair envoy gives Iraq warning:
Ex-Blair envoy gives Iraq warning

The UK and US may have to abandon Iraq if central government breaks down and the country is engulfed by chaos, Tony Blair's former special envoy has said.

Sir Jeremy Greenstock said a pullout from Iraq might be needed if the US and UK had no 'reasonable prospect of holding it together'.

But he said he did not think this had happened yet.

His words follow violent incidents in Basra after the Army rescued two SAS soldiers seized by Iraqi police.

Earlier, Tory leader Michael Howard called for a new strategy to combat insurgency in Iraq.

But he said pulling UK troops out of Iraq could be disastrous and make the country a centre for world terrorism.

In stark contrast, Sir Jeremy said there would be little alternative if it became clear that there was no 'reasonable prospect' of holding the country together."

I feel like I'm in some kind of '70s flashback.

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