Saturday, October 08, 2005

Bush plan for flu crisis shows U.S. not ready -NYT

Bush plan for flu crisis shows U.S. not ready -NYT - Yahoo! News:
President George W. Bush met with the chief executive officers of some of the top corporate makers of vaccines on Friday and asked them to do their utmost to boost flu vaccine production.

The Times quoted an unnamed health official who provided the copy of the plan as saying its true shortcoming was 'that is doesn't say who's in charge.'

Envisioning how an outbreak might play out at its peak, the draft says about a quarter of workers stay home because they are sick or afraid of becoming sick. Hospitals are overwhelmed, it says.

'Social unrest occurs,' the plan says. 'Public anxiety heightens mistrust of government, diminishing compliance with public health advisories. Mortuaries and funeral homes are overwhelmed.'"

Dubya asked the pharm companies oh so nicely to help out. Did he say please?

Why didn't he say that if they don't, we'll take away the "no price negotiation" clause in the Medicare bill? Guess he only plays hardball with people he can't see. Like us.

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