Friday, November 18, 2005

Woody Opens New Hole In White House

My Way News:
After Fitzgerald was tipped by Woodward's source that they had discussed Plame in June 2003, Woodward met with the prosecutor and on Monday recounted their conversation. His account, but not the source's name, was reported in Tuesday editions of the Washington Post, renewing speculation about who leaked Plame's name and how high in the administration his source resides.

'The Libby case was always going to cause heartburn for the White House,' said Washington defense lawyer E. Lawrence Barcella Jr., a former federal prosecutor. 'But not like this.'


Also on Thursday, 16 former intelligence officers released a letter they wrote to Bush early in the week asking for a pledge to not pardon anyone involved in the leak and to pull security clearances of anyone at the White House who spoke to reporters about the CIA status of Wilson's wife.

One of the letter's authors, former CIA analyst Larry Johnson, said the pledge on security clearances 'definitely ... would apply to Woodward's source.'

Johnson noted that Bush ordered everyone in the administration to cooperate with Fitzgerald nearly two years ago. 'Clearly, there's someone at a senior level who hasn't fully cooperated,' he said.

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