Tuesday, May 09, 2006

DKos Knows The Rules Of The Game

Daily Kos: Bush Nominates Hayden, Scared Republicans Rejoice:
Republicans are counting on the cowering of Democrats to boost their tough-guy image and win back their eroding base before midterms. That is why Hayden was nominated, to save the Republican majority.

Democrats have two choices. They can act like they have for the last five years, tiptoeing away from the national security debate with their tail between their legs like Feinstein and Harman. Or they can prove to America that Democrats really believe in 'Real Security' and the rule of the law.
I couldn't agree more. Feinstein and Harman need to get a clue and stop sneaking sips of the koolaid left in their refrigerators by dirty pool well-meaning Republicans. Get up, stand up! Time to join the fight, Dems.

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