Tuesday, May 09, 2006

They're Starting To Get It!

Optimistic, Democrats Debate the Party's Vision - New York Times:
The frustration with consultants — and their impact on Democratic politics — is widespread among the Internet pundits, and at the heart of several recent books, including 'Crashing the Gate,' co-written by Markos Moulitsas, founder of the blog the Daily Kos. In another, 'Politics Lost,' Joe Klein mourns the passing of a more authentic, preconsultant politics that he argues was embodied by Robert F. Kennedy's 1968 campaign.

Even the film industry recognizes the mood; 'Bobby,' an account of June 5, 1968, the day Kennedy won the California primary and was assassinated, is scheduled for release in November.

This discussion of first principles and big goals marks a psychological shift for many in the party; a frequent theme is that Democrats must stop being afraid, stop worrying that their core beliefs are out of step with the times, stop ceding so much ground to the conservatives.
Read the whole article. It's the best news I've read concerning the Dems since Clinton won in '96. They may actually be getting it; that the consultants have it wrong and the people (especially bloggers for the left) have it right. Or Left, if you prefer.

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