Thursday, August 31, 2006

DejaVu All Over Again

U.S. Drafting Sanctions as Iran Is Defiant - New York Times:
In addition, the sanctions effort may also be hampered by a report to be issued Thursday by the International Atomic Energy Agency, in which inspectors will describe only slow progress by Iran in enriching uranium.

The report, according to diplomats familiar with its contents, will describe how Iran has resumed producing small amounts of enriched uranium since temporarily stopping in the spring, but has not increased the rate of production.

Furthermore, the report is expected to say that the purity of the uranium enrichment would not be high enough for use in nuclear weapons, but only for power plants. Iran has long insisted that its program is for peaceful purposes only.
And yet the Pentagon just issued a report that halves the time Iran will have the bomb to five years. Hmmmm. Could that have anything to do with the pressure the wingnuts are putting on the intelligence community to be more "realistic" with reports on Iran's nuclear program? Naaahhhhh! That couldn't be it.

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