Thursday, August 31, 2006

Two Hours Of Sleep, An Overnight Shift, And Alone In The Tower

My Way News - Feds Say Air Controller Slept 2 Hours:
The crash threw a spotlight on another practice aviation experts say goes on around the country: Small regional airports are sometimes manned by a single air traffic controller, even though federal rules require two.

The FAA has directed Blue Grass Airport and others like it to staff their towers with at least two controllers. But the FAA has acknowledged that only one was working Sunday in Lexington during the crash.
Ever since the Reagan-era, traffic controllers have had a rough time. As for cutting corners by understaffing control towers, well, I'm sure the industry thinks it's cost-efficient.
Comair offered to pay $25,000 per passenger to each family who lost a loved one. Meanwhile, law firms lined up to represent families who may want to sue.
Or maybe not.

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