Thursday, August 31, 2006

Ohio Shame

Ohio to Delay Destruction of Presidential Ballots - New York Times:
“There is a gap between the numbers provided in the local level records, which until recently no one has been allowed to see, and the official final tallies that were publicly released after this election, and we want to figure out why that gap is there.”

The planned action of Mr. Blackwell, a Republican who is running for governor, and the threatened suit could draw attention to possible irregularities in the election that he supervised.

The suit would follow what researchers call the first time anyone other than county and state officials in Ohio have been given such extensive access to the main material from the previous presidential election.

After eight months inspecting 35,000 ballots from 75 rural and urban precincts, the critics say that they have found many with signs of tampering and that in some precincts the number of voters differs significantly from the certified results.
The more you sniff it, the more it stinks. The investigators were not allowed access to all 5.6 million ballots in the election until the Leaque of Women Voters agreed not to contest the results of the 2004 election. Hmmmmm. Apparently the officials are afraid a close investigation might reveal something about those results. I think we know what that would be.

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