Thursday, August 24, 2006

Not Terror?

My Way News - Dutch Gov't: Incident Not Terror-Related:
AMSTERDAM, Netherlands (AP) - The interrogation of 12 men who were removed from a Northwest Airlines flight after they aroused the suspicions of air marshals and crew produced no evidence of terrorism, the Justice Ministry said Thursday.

Flight NW0042 to Bombay, India, returned to Amsterdam's Schiphol Airport on Wednesday escorted by Dutch fighter jets, and the 12 were questioned and arrested.

'So far there are no signs that this was a terrorist threat,' said ministry spokeswoman Judith Sluiter.

She declined to say why the men remained under arrest, and the investigation was continuing. Authorities have three days to bring the suspects to court or release them. They were held overnight at a detention center at the airport.

A U.S. government official said crew members and air marshals aboard the Northwest DC-10 bound for Bombay saw the passengers trying to use cell phones and passing them among themselves while the jet was taking off. He spoke on condition of anonymity because of the sensitive nature of the subject.

'It was behavior that average passengers wouldn't do,' the official said.

India's CNN-IBN television news channel reported Thursday that all 12 men were Indian-born, although their current residence was not clear.
It's not terror-related, but we're not letting them go? Hmmm. So what is it?

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Anonymous said...

It's clear by now they were busted for FWA -- Flying While Asian.


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