Tuesday, October 24, 2006

He Can Spin It All He Wants...

Trying to Contain the Iraq Disaster - New York Times:
No matter what President Bush says, the question is not whether America can win in Iraq. The only question is whether the United States can extricate itself without leaving behind an unending civil war that will spread more chaos and suffering throughout the Middle East, while spawning terrorism across the globe.

The prospect of what happens after an American pullout haunts the debate on Iraq. The administration, for all its hints about new strategies and timetables, is obviously hoping to slog along for two more years and dump the problem on Mr. Bush’s successor. This fall’s election debates have educated very few voters because neither side is prepared to be honest about the terrible consequences of military withdrawal and the very long odds against success if American troops remain.
Not using the "stay the course" phrase isn't going to make any difference for BushCo. They can't win. They can't figure out how to leave or stay, for that matter. They're screwed, and the only way out for us is to get rid of BushCo ASAP!

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