Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Justice Grinds On -- Even Now

Bush prosecutors targeting GOP lawmakers - Politics - MSNBC.com:
Sex, bribery, corruption and more

Experts say the spike in reported corruption cases is likely caused by one-party control of both the House and Senate. Investigations by the Republican-controlled House Ethics Committee, for example, ground to a near-standstill for more than a year because of partisan squabbles over staff and rules for its inquiries.

'It's far worse than what we've seen for decades on Capitol Hill,' said Craig Holman of the watchdog group Public Citizen. 'We've got sex, we've got bribery, we've got lobbyist corruption, earmarking, money laundering. ... The people who are in power become very comfortable with their positions, and they don't think that they can get in trouble for stepping over the line.'
Therefore, the people in power have to be taken out of power. QED!

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