Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Do It!

My Way News - Panel Grants Immunity to Gonzales Aide

Subpoena the lady and get this over with. She knows crimes were committed, despite the White House's spin that she only claimed the Fifth because she thought Congress was trying to trap her (the truth will set you free, girl!) in a purgery case. You can't be charged with purgery if you don't lie, and anyone in DOJ should not only know this but not have a problem with testifying. Since she does, and since Gonzales refuses to tell what happened ("I don't remember," is not an explanation and is just not acceptable from somebody in his position), giving her immunity is one way to get her to talk. However, it would be better if we knew what she needs immunity from ahead of time. It sounds like she wants immunity so she CAN purger herself with impunity. That would not be helpful. Her immunity should be contingent upon her testimony being verifiable fact and not just whatever story her bosses want her to tell.

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