Friday, April 06, 2007

Doesn't The Dick Read The News?

WP: Saddam's ties to al-Qaida discounted - Highlights -
'Overall, the reporting provides no conclusive signs of cooperation on specific terrorist operations,' that CIA report said, adding that discussions on the issue were 'necessarily speculative.'

The CIA had separately concluded that reports of Iraqi training on weapons of mass destruction were 'episodic, sketchy, or not corroborated in other channels,' the inspector general's report said. It quoted an August 2002 CIA report describing the relationship as more closely resembling 'two organizations trying to feel out or exploit each other' rather than cooperating operationally.

The CIA was not alone, the defense report emphasized. The Defense Intelligence Agency had concluded that year that 'available reporting is not firm enough to demonstrate an ongoing relationship' between the Iraqi regime and al-Qaeda, it said.

But the contrary conclusions reached by Feith's office -- and leaked to the conservative Weekly Standard magazine before the war -- were publicly praised by Cheney as the best source of information on the topic, a circumstance the Pentagon report cites in documenting the impact of what it described as 'inappropriate' work.
Like I said....

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